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This week (April 11-18) is listed as the time for the first official progress report. My apologies for not posting this sooner, and my thanks to those of you who checked-in already anyway! Because I am late making the announcement, we are extending the ending date of the check-in to April 25.

Please email the mods at aelfwina@gmail.com, virginia_lee_redcat@yahoo.com, or celeritassagittae@gmail.com, and let us know your approximate word count and how far along you are (halfway, a third, nearly done and in re-write, etc.) As we will soon be assigning artists, we will also need a summary and possibly some excerpts from existing chapters in order to pass along to your assigned artist(s) so she can get some inspiration. You may either include that in your progress email, or send it separately. Make sure to include "Big Bang Progress" in your subject line.

Misery loves company post!


Are you blocked? Are your characters refusing to talk to you? Has your muse darted off in a different direction? Here's the place where you can comment, and get a bit of sympathy and persepective!

Squee! Post


Are you excited about your story? Are the words flowing and the plot racing along? If you want to, here's the place to comment and do a bit of sharing about what is going right for you!

5K Word Count Post

Authors! This is the post where you can comment when you have reached 5,000 words OR when you have reached about one-fourth of your story. (Some of you may have begun with 5K already written, so either go by when you've achieved one-fourth, or have written 5,000 more words!

Just post a comment here and let us know how you are doing!

Attention: Big Bang Authors!

This is for Big Bang authors who requested a beta volunteer:

Please let me know if you received the email notifying you of your beta, and also if you have been in touch with her or not.

If you did not request a beta, please disregard this.

Thank you!


Behind the cut is the list of official author participants for the Big Bang! Read more...Collapse )

As you can see, we have quite a few ambitious souls who will be writing a story of 20K or longer!

We have assigned betas from among our volunteers to all who requested one. If you were assigned a beta, please let me know if you have not yet made contact with her!

We did have a couple of volunteers who did not receive an author-- we hope you will enjoy being a cheerleader instead!


I had hoped to post an official list of participants tonight, as well as sending out beta assignments. However, I am having a slowness issue with my computer tonight so I will postpone that until first thing in the morning, when the various background tasks slowing me down have finished. My apologies for it taking longer than expected, and my thanks to participants for your patience!


Sign-up extension

We still need a few more betas and several more cheerleaders! So we are extending the sign-ups through Monday!

Beta sign-ups are here!

Cheerleader sign-ups are here!

If you are not writing or doing art (or perhaps even if you are) please consider signing up as a beta or a cheerleader!

Cheerleader sign-ups

These are official sign-ups for cheerleader volunteers for the Big Bang. These sign-ups will be open until January 29. Please comment here to volunteer as a cheerleader. Read more...Collapse )

Beta sign-ups

These are official sign-ups for beta volunteers for the Big Bang. These sign-ups will be open until January 29. Please comment here to volunteer as a beta. Read more...Collapse )